The papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus that is transmitted through sex. The papillomavirus infections are very common, and most people are carriers without even knowing it. There are hundreds of known HPV types, 16 of which are considered dangerous and have demonstrated a causal relationship with cervical cancer.
Some types of HPV cause genital warts. They have no link to cancer, but you should report them to your doctor because they can report a papillomavirus infection in your cervix.
that of a cold or influenza). But a small minority of women, it is not eliminated. The risk of developing abnormalities of the cervix is ​​then higher than normal. Persistent infection with HPV may result in cellular changes and, in the absence of treatment, these can develop into cervical cancer.
We suggest you make a molecular biology PCR test, allowing you to search papillomaviruses may be responsible for cervical cancer of the uterus.


Type ASC-US Pap: In this case, the HPV test is used for sorting. When it is negative (about 50% of cases), a control is provided to smear a year. When it is positive, immediate colposcopy is suggested.
In this indication, the HPV test is fully reimbursed by social security. Postoperative monitoring after cervical conization, when the resection margins do not pass in safe area.
Viral typing, associated with Pap smear and colposcopy in this indication enables a more relevant search residual lesion or recurrence. The review in this context has a very good sensitivity and specificity for the detection of residual or recurrent lesions.


The results are usually transmitted to the prescribing doctor within two weeks.
The results may show:
Negative viral typing. Positive viral typing with HPV low-risk and / or high risk. The result should be seen in the overall context (patient age, outcome of smears, colposcopy etc.) before making a treatment decision.

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